Boost productivity with cloud-based business applications

Bridge the gap between different types of teams Through the integration of Microsoft Teams in Office 365, and cloud based business applications like Dynamics 365, we bridge the gap between collaboration-oriented, highly creative work teams, and business applications where we store transnational and customer data. This allows instant communication and increased reaction under a constantly changing business environment, drastically improving the decision-making process, and connecting directly into execution by providing a direct feedback into the appropriate business application. Join this webcast to learn how to: Provide direct insights into sales opportunities with existing customers Improve the customer experience by finding answers faster Involve the right people in the right request Permit access to relevant, un-structured information such as Word and Excel documents, within the context of structured processes such as Quotation, Customer Service, and others Incorporate customer meeting notes right into your sales processes Access your cloud applications and collaboration tools from a mobile device, wherever you are